Universal & Versa Series 2 Leveling Base

$295.00 - $380.00

Enhance your photography setup with Universal Versa Series 2 Leveling Base. Find perfect leveling for seamless shots. Explore now!

TA-2U Leveling Base
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The RRS TA-2U-LB improves in nearly every respect over our popular TA-2 and TA-U leveling bases. As always, these improvements are the direct result of listening to our customers and their invaluable feedback.

First and most obviously, the size. We've shrunk the overall height by nearly 30% to improve packability and strength of any tripod with leveling base and head setup.

Second, despite this smaller size there is now more freedom to move. As is industry standard, our TA-2 and TA-U can tilt up to 15 degrees from level in any direction. The new TA-2U-LB moves 33% further at 20 degrees. This can mean a world of difference in achieving desired photo composition in steep terrain.

Third, the TA-2U-LB locks up to 15% more, and with less effort. Now you can more confidently position and secure valuable rigs at any angle.

Finally, the ergonomics and usability have all gotten better. The triple-lobe lock lever means that the position of the thumb pads relative to your tripod legs remains the same no matter which leg faces you. The placement of these thumb pads reduce the needed effort to achieve lockup. With a removable male mounting stud, the TA-2U-LB can attach to any tripod platform with a male 3/8"-16 stud, a RRS Quick-Column tube, or directly into a 2 series Versa Tripod SureGrip apex. The TA-2U-LB can even be loosened or further tightened in place with the aid of a 5/32" hex key placed in the 3/16" holes around the base's bottom.


  • 40 degrees max articulation
  • Easily lock onto up to 25 lbs of rig at any angle
  • Level the apex of your tripod without having to adjust your legs
  • Use under a gimbal head to quickly find horizon and achieve proper load balancing on uneven and/or sloped terrain
  • Installs into Series 2 Tripods with SureGrip, or any other tripod with a male or female 3/8"-16 thread
  • Removable for travel ease
  • Removable lower 3/8"-16 stud for more mounting options
  • Reversible upper stud fits with both 3/8-16 and 1/4"-20 threaded holes




Country of Origin: USA

  • Height (no clamp installed): 2.11" /53.56mm
  • Height above 2 series tripod (no clamp): 1.76" /44.67mm
  • Overall Diameter: 3.83" /97.21mm
  • Weight: 11.4oz /322g

In The Box

  • (1) TA-2U-LB Universal Series 2 Leveling Base
  • (1) 5/32 hex key  
  • (1) 3/16 hex key  
  • (1) 7/64 hex key  




Country of Origin: USA

  • Height (no clamp installed): 2.56" /65mm
  • Height above 2 series tripod (no clamp): 2.21" /56.13mm
  • Overall Diameter: 3.83" /97.21mm
  • Weight: 14.9oz /422g

In The Box

  • (1) TA-2U-LC Universal Series 2 Leveling Base  
  • (1) 5/32 hex key  
  • (1) 3/16 hex key  
  • (1) 7/64 hex key



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