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MC-LS Universal L-Set


Discover the MC-LS Universal L-Bracket, the essential accessory for photographers who demand precision and adaptability. With its adjustable anti-twist flange plate and removable sliding L-component, this tool keeps your camera setup secure and adaptable.

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5 Reviews Write a Review

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    Jimmy Ware 7th Apr 2024

    Perfect for Nikon ZF Owners

    I'm not really crazy about Universal Brackets, I do have to give credit to the RRS MC-LS Bracket. I currently can't find an L-Bracket that is specific for the Nikon ZF, however, the MC-LS fits my Nikon ZF very well, with or without the Smallrig Grip attached to the Camera. RRS makes great Camera equipment, and the MC-LS is no exception, if you're looking for an L-Bracket for your ZF Camera, this item will do the Job, the only thing that can be better is a 1-piece L-Bracket, with a built in Grip, and unfortunately, nothing like that exist yet, however, should RRS produce such an item, I'll be the 1st person in line to purchase it.

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    Drew Armstrong 9th Dec 2023

    MC-LS Universal L-Set

    I have a sony A7Cr, and love it but I needed an L bracket for it and as this is such a limited release camera there are no L brackets... But this works, well even. You have to take the pinky grip off to mount this and so you end up losing the support you would get from having your pinky on the handhold but if you are shooting from a tripod, this is the best solution out there. I am glad I found something. Works well, and as expected. Fantastic quality control.

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    Helen Mitchell 1st Dec 2023

    Doesn't really fit Nikon Z8

    I think that overall it's sturdy enough and well made, but it really doesn't fit the Nikon Z8 along the side. The bottom is fine, but if you use that bottom button on the side , which I do, it is obstructed by the side plate. Also if you need to plug in a microphone, while doable, it's not the best. Will be returning it and getting the plate for the Z8. I had high hopes for this and it might fit other cameras just fine, but not the Z8. If you don't use anything along the side, it's probably just fine.

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    Warren Tom 18th Nov 2023

    Does not fit Nikon D780.

    Just received it yesterday and will be sending it back to B&H for a refund on Monday. Does not fit.

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    David Maldonado 9th Nov 2023

    Give credit where credit is due!

    Maybe it could be a bit lighter, maybe an open jaw would make accessing the side ports a bit easier, but there is a lot to like, it has so many possible ways to configure the base plate, so many ways to shift the bracket right left, front back, longer shorter. Got to say this L-bracket is very very nice! An altogether excellent product.