Cinema Tripod

$3,335.00 - $4,175.00

Experience Cinema Tripods by RRS, engineered for remarkable stability and endurance, ensuring optimal performance in all settings.


Cinema tripods are built to order. ETA 3-6 months.


The stiffest carbon fiber sticks we've built to date, the new Really Right Stuff TMC Cinema Tripods deliver unparalleled performance to support your on-location or on-set needs. All TMC models have a load capacity of up to 200lbs. and has the ability to store down into a compact, easy to carry size. CNC-machined aluminum components, carbon fiber tubes, and a unique leg hinge mechanism make for a rock-solid support for our RRS FH-7240 fluid head or any fluid head with 100mm bowl. Built into the apex are a 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and ARRI-style rosette mounting sockets that give the versatility of mounting monitor arms and other accessories off-camera.

Quarter-turn leg locks make setup a breeze, and legs that drop to touch the ground allow for easy one-operator setups. A quick-release aluminum spreader can be attached to mid-level and floor level positions for increased stability in any terrain. The ball joint on the spreader mechanism allows for increased freedom of tripod articulation. The spreader features large, knurled knobs, and laser engraved markings to make precise and repeatable adjustment to spreader length. All TMC Cinema Tripod models include three platform feet for situations when a grippy, rubber bottom is needed to prevent slip or marring up the floor on set. These unique platform feet have +/- 10 degrees of lateral freedom to account for irregular grounding, as well as an extra attachment point for the spreader for use as a ground spreader.<br><br>The removable platform feet reveal built-in hardened stainless steel spikes for when extra grip into rock or carpet is needed. The integrated spike feet are also compatible with many industry-standard dollies used with dual spikes.



  1. 3-section, carbon fiber sticks for exceptional stiffness and damping characteristics
  2. 200 pounds load capacity
  3. Cine-style quarter-turn leg lock knobs 
  4. Unlock-to-drop legs allow for quick setup time


  1. Built-in Versa apex allows for quick and easy swap from 100mm bowl to other RRS accessories with a single 5/32" hex key
  2. Large bubble level for easy leveling on any surface
  3. Integrated accessory mounting options: 1/4"-20 hole, 3/8"-16, ARRI-style rosette
  4. Unique leg hinge mechanism eliminates torsional play


  1. Durable machined aluminum construction
  2. Laser engraved extended position markings
  3. Large lock knobs with knurled top for easy adjustment even in floor position
  4. Quick-release mechanism for easy attachment to sticks
  5. Attach in 3 positions: mid-level, above-ground level, and floor-level positions

Spike Feet 

  1. Built-in spike feet with hardened stainless steel tips
  2. Compatible with ball-style mount dollies

Platform Feet

  1. +/- 10 degrees of lateral freedom allow for stable support on uneven surfaces
  2. Grippy rubber bottom for non-slip use
  3. Holes for hard-mounting feet to fixtures on set
  4. Rubber handle stretches over spike feet to secure platform feet onto tripod


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