FH-7240: Cinema Fluid Head


Experience top-tier performance with the FH-7240 Cinema Fluid Head by Really Right Stuff. Smooth operation and high load capacity for versatility.

(ST) FH-7240 with BENG-5


We are proud to introduce the Really Right Stuff FH-7240. Three years in the making, this new fluid head is a culmination of countless hours of research and testing. The FH-7240 combines class-leading performance, high quality, precision, ergonomics, fast setup, and smooth operation seamlessly into one product. Backed by our five (5) year warranty and unmatched customer support, we are confident this fluid head will find its way into your kit.


We listened to our customers of the FH-350 and their desire for a head with higher load capacity. The FH-7240 provides a total of 7 damping settings and 240 in-lbs of restoring torque at full +/-90 degrees of articulation with less than 4% restoring torque error through the entire range of motion for true sinusoidal performance. The head's performance has been optimized for loads of up to 27lbs at 6 inches above the platform, making it ideal for most run-and-gun, ENG, and on-location setups. A higher load capacity can be achieved with reduced articulation and accuracy (up to 37 lb @ 6", +/-78 deg).

7 damping settings (+ off) give the user increased flexibility and range of use. Discrete settings provide fast and consistent adjustment, making the process of setup and balance easier and more accurate. The new fluid used provides more consistent performance throughout the recommended temperature range and is classified as a sheer-thinning fluid, which allows for whip-pans at high damping settings without transferring excessive torque to the tripod. 


High-load disk brakes for both pan and tilt axes are quickly released with a pinch of the left hand. All damping and counterbalance adjustments are also done by the left hand, freeing your right hand to maintain a comfortable grasp on the new telescoping control arm. 

Use the stainless steel, user-replaceable Arri-compatible rosettes to position your control arm exactly where you want it. A second rosette on the left side of the head can be used for left handed operators, a second control arm, or other Arri-compatible accessories. The control arm features a carbon fiber extension tube rubber grip for stiff and low-noise operation. 

Flip out the crank lever to speed adjustment of the counter-torque setting or leave it collapsed for fine tuning. 

The RRS dovetail lever clamp features an all-new auto-close function, which allows for hands-free top-load securing of your camera. Simply lock the tilt axis level, open the lever, cock the jaw, and snap your camera into place, knowing its secure on the head(1). Lock the camera in position with the large lever for a 50lb no-slip hold on your camera(2). A safety lock prevents accidental opening of the lever and can be locked in place to prevent tampering with a small cotter pin or pad lock(3). The clamp is compatible with all RRS-compatible dovetails, meaning no more switching between quick-release plates as you move your equipment between different tripods and mounts.

Additional Information:

Use the included 5" BENG-5 universal mounting plate and choice of 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 mounting screws to attach to your camera. 
The BENG-5 features all-new spring-loaded safety stops that allow you to set the camera down without it tipping over.
Extra screws can be conveniently stored in the top of the clamp.
An integrated 5/32" hex key storage on the back makes installing the mounting plate quick and easy with no need to search for the correct tool.
Laser engraved degree markings on pan and tilt axis aid operators in repeating movements.
A red illuminated bubble level with 15 second timeout is easy to read, even in the dark.


1. Camera is able to slide but cannot come out when used with RRS quick-release plate equipped with safety stop feature
2. 50-lb no-slip rating is only guaranteed using RRS quick-release plates
3. Cotter pin or mini pad lock sold separately


  • 13-240 in-lb of infinitely adjustable sinusoidal restoring torque @ +/-90 deg, 1.5-27 lb (0.7-12.2 kg) @ 6" above platform
  • 240-315 in-lb of infinitely adjustable sinusoidal restoring torque @ +/-90 down to approximately +/-78 deg (auto-limiting), 27-37 lb (12.2kg-16.8kg) @ 6" above platform
  • 7 + Off Damping settings for pan and tilt
  • 100mm bowl compatibility with +/-15 degrees of articulation
  • Pinch-to-unlock disk brakes
  • Folding Crank arm counter-torque adjustment
  • Illuminated bubble level with 15 second auto timeout
  • User-replaceable Arri-compatible rossettes
  • Telescoping carbon fiber control arm with rubber foam grip, repositionable to left side
  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 Aluminum with matte anodized finish
  • Integrated RRS Dovetail clamp with auto-close and safety latch
  • Spare screw storage for two 1/4-20 and two 3/8-16 screws
  • Magnetic 5/32" hex key storage
  • Ideal operating temperature range: -18 to 50 Celsius (0-122F)*
  • *Not recommended for use in moist conditions below freezing. Extreme cold and heat may adversely affect damping performance. 

FH-7240 (excluding control arm)


Country of Origin: USA
  • Length: 5.00"/ 127.0mm
  • Width: 6.45"/ 163.9mm
  • Height (Clamp to mounting stud tip): 9.85"/ 250.1mm
  • Height (100mm ball base center to platform): 6.86"/ 174.2mm
  • Height (Tilt Axis to platform): 2.80"/ 71.2mm
  • Control arm Length (collapsed): 13.63"/ 346.1mm
  • Control arm Length (extended): 22.44" (569.9mm)
  • Control arm carbon tube diameter: 0.964" (24.5mm)
  • Weight (without mounting plate, control handle, and lock knob): 7.49 lb (3398g)
  • Weight (with everything included): 8.47 lb (3844g)

In the Box

  • (1) FH-7240 Fluid Head
  • (1) BENG-5 Mounting Plate 5" with spring-loaded safety stops
  • (1) TA-LBLP Low Profile Leveling Base Lock Knob
  • (2) B113 custom 3/8-16 mounting screws
  • (2) B114 custom 1/4-20 mounting screws
  • (1) 5/32" hex key
  • (1) FH-7240 user's guide
  • (1) CR1632 battery
  • (1) Custom carry case


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