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LCF-22: Lens Foot for Nikon Lens


Elevate your lens prowess with the LCF-22 foot for NIKKOR Z 400mm, 600mm, and 800mm. Lightweight, dovetail-mounted, precision-crafted—unlock stability for flawless shots every time.

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    Jimmy Ware 10th Dec 2023

    Lens Foot for Nikon Z 400mm 2.8 tc

    This is a really good addition for the Nikon Z 400mm 2.8 tc Lens, as to why Nikon does not provide Lens Feet that are Arc Swiss compatible is beyond me, especially since the lens is extremely expensive. I chose the RRS Lens Foot because I felt it looked more like the original equipment compared with other options. The install is very easy, and uses the mounting bolts from the original Lens Foot. The Top of the Lens Foot is not padded like the original Lens Foot, but I do like the indentation over the QD Connection, it makes it very easy to hand hold the Lens if needed. All in All, this purchase is definitely worth the money, the build and fit quality is exceptional.