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Hasselblad X2D Modular Plates

Starting at $115.00

Optimize your Hasselblad X2D's capabilities with our ingenious modular plates. Elevate your precision and stability game with the expertise of Really Right Stuff.

Plates for Hasselblad X2D


3 Reviews Write a Review

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    Michael Erlewine 26th Mar 2024

    RSS Hasselblad X2D Modular Plates

    Tried several. As usual, IMO, this is the best for my work with focus stacking, primarily because the left vertical plate is double thickness and double strength, meaning it does not bend or dampen when touching the camera or hitting the trigger.

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    R Herring 11th Mar 2024

    Fits perfect for X2D

    I had tried the older plate for the X1D and it did not allow the battery to be removed. This one fits perfect and I have no issues removing or adding the battery,

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    Michael Erlewine 28th Feb 2024

    RRS Hasselblad X2D Modular Plates

    L-Bracket for the Hasselblad X2D I use an L-Bracket all the time, switching from horizontal to vertical and back, so I need a good one. And because I focus stack a lot, I need a strong and steady one in the vertical position. I’ve looked into what l-brackets are out there and here is what I find for those interested. Really Right Stuff Modular L-Plate Set for Hasselblad X2D Weights 5.2 oz. $255 for the Modular Set for the X2D. By far the best l-bracket for the Hasselblad X2D is the one from RSS (Really Right Stuff). I have read complaints that it is too tight for the battery ejection. I bought one and it fits perfectly and is just right. Of course, you have to tighten it on the X2D carefully, positioning the l-bracket to the battery hole. And also very important, the vertical component that slides in and out is extra strong and does not move or dampen in any way. Perfect