B2-DUO: 60MM Sliding Screw-Knob Clamp


Discover the versatile B2-Duo Sliding Clamp for RRS plates. Dual mounting surfaces for parallel orientation. Ideal for lens or camera body plates.

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Sliding screw-knob style quick-release clamp


The Sliding Screw-knob Clamp with 60mm jaws, features dual mounting surfaces on either side of the clamp. The B2-Duo allows two Really Right Stuff compatible plates or rails to be positioned and affixed in a parallel orientation with one atop the other. The B2-Duo is the ideal clamp solution for mounting a RRS lens or camera body plate atop of a Multi-Purpose Rail or Camera Bar. 

Two nylon thumb screws provide a secondary clamping option independent of the main locking knob in order to hold the B2-Duo clamp fixed to one rail, while moving or adjusting the second rail. This feature is ideal when mounting a telephoto lens plate atop a RRS camera bar as the user is able to fix the B2-Duo to the bottom of the lens foot, yet still slide the clamp along the camera bar for best positioning. 

Because both clamping jaws are simultaneously adjusted by the main locking knob, all quick-release plates used with the B2-Duo need to be the exact same external dimensions. For this reason, the B2-Duo is only compatible with RRS brand or Wimberly brand quick-release plates. Mixing plates from other manufacturers might cause clamping fitment issues.


  • Versatile double clamp designed primarily to use with our Multi-Purpose Rails and Camera Bars 
  • The simple, low profile design allows a collared lens or camera to be fixed in the top half of the clamp and still allow the B2-Duo to slide fore-aft (lens) or side-to-side (camera) on our Multi-Purpose Rail or Camera Bar; this makes for an affordable focus rail/nodal point slide for collared lenses or a sliding stereo photography set-up 
  • Index marks are laser-engraved on all four sides in the standard RRS zero, 12, and 18mm-on-center increments 
  • Two non-marring nylon thumb screws securely lock in place whatever is mounted on that side of the clamp; the B2-Duo can then be loosened using the main screw-lock knob to allow it to slide fore/aft or side-to-side on the Multi-Purpose Rail or Camera Bar 
  • Note: The B2-Duo clamp should only be used with plates and rails from the same manufacturer; due to the nature of the single clamping jaw (i.e., clamps both top and bottom plates simultaneously), this clamp cannot accommodate Arca-Swiss style plates that vary in width 


Country of Origin: USA
  • Jaw Length: 2.4"/ 60mm
  • Width: 4.0"/ 102mm
  • Height: 0.8"/ 20mm
  • Weight: 3.5oz/ 99g

In The Box

  • (1) B2-Duo Sliding screw-knob style quick-release clamp, no additional mounting hardware
  • (1) User's guide


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